Do I need a Home Inspection?

Absolutely. You’re not just buying a home to relax in, you’re also buying any problems that come with it in the walls, crawl space, or attic. Getting a home inspection is your chance to avoid those problems or, at a minimum, negotiate with the seller to pay for repairs. For a detailed guide to buying a house see our article “Buying a House in Edmonton”.

A typical inspection will cover everything from the roof to the foundation. In between, the inspector will also cover every major house system (plumbing, electrical, heating, septic,  etc.). Most also include tests for water safety and exterior. Usually Radon is not included in a standard home inspection, thermal imaging on the other hand is included in the standard package for some companies. A good inspection costs about $400-$500 and takes 1 to 3 hours (for a detailed look at Home Inspection Cost in Edmonton see our article “How much does a Home Inspection Cost in Edmonton?”). The cost varies depending on the size and age of the house as well as the company. Skipping inspections on new properties is not advised since despite it being new it doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

Given that the average home price in Edmonton is roughly $400,000, an investment in home inspection dwarfs in comparison. By having a home inspection you are ensuring that one of the largest investments in your life is in good condition. Avoiding this step could lead to surprises that end up costing you a lot to fix.

After you receive the findings report from your home inspector, review it and see if there are any deal breakers. In case there are defects, ask the seller to pay for repairs or negotiate a better price. Many sellers also get a pre-sale home inspection to know what to expect from the buyer’s side. They then go on to fix most of the issues they discover.

If you are considering buying a house, request a quote today and get a call from a professional home inspector. Remember, if you are buying your largest investment yet get in touch and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Your Edmonton Home Inspections Team

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