Top 10 Tiny Trendy Homes

Having big multi-story houses are all things of the past. Now, people are moving into tiny houses because they understand the benefits of living in tiny houses. It is not at all that people choose to lie in tiny houses because they want to cut the cost or due to some financial crises. You will be amazed that it’s the new trend in the lifestyle of Americans and Europeans.


When we talk about the tiny house, we usually imagine a small messy area with fewer amenities and facilities but that’s completely a myth about tiny houses. We are going to list the top 10 American Trendy Tiny Houses that will blow your mind. Have a look –

The KODA Walking Tiny Dweller

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Its size is just 250 sq. Ft. This house is in Estonia. This house has nominated as ‘Best Small Projects’ in the year 2016. It is a mobile house and can be assembled as per your convenience. Kodasema is the name of the company who have built this unbelievable house. It can be taken anywhere around like on the seaside, in the jungle or in the backyard.


Tiny House At Idaho
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This house is built in Idaho in around 196 sq. ft area. Macy Miller is the lady behind the idea of this house. She herself had designed this house lovely and in a mesmerizing way that you don’t want to go out of the house. She lives there with her partner and a dog. The house is entirely made up of wooden material and is decorated beautifully.

An Old Van Turned into A Mobile Studio

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The size of the van is but 79″ W X 82″. It is located in the United States of America and made by Zach Both who is just 23 years old. According to him, he took 6 months to turn the van into the studio. The van studio has everything that should be in a full-fledged house, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and everything.

House Built by a California Couple

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In Sebastopol, California, a web designer whose name is Alek Lisefski and his girlfriend has built a tiny house on a flatbed trailer. They build it in a year spending around 30K $.

Japanese Muji Houses

Japan is also not lacking behind in tiny houses. Muji is designing firm in Japan who is now building tiny houses in the area of just 98 sq. Ft. These houses have everything to live happily and at an extreme comfort level.

Water woody Houseboat

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Kerry Elwood is a Boat Builder and designer in the United States. He started building sailing boats in the form of a tiny house. It took 2 years for Elwood to made the Boat Tiny house. The Boat includes Solar power, Cozy cabin, and LED lights with a composite toilet. For the 1st time, it drove in the Detroit Lake of Oregon.

The Mushroom Dome Cabin

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This mushroom-shaped dome like the house is built in just 100 sq. ft area surrounded by beautiful trees. It is located in Aptos, California. It is simply gorgeous that no one can resist living in such a house.

The Eco Capsule

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This tiny house is a self-sufficient house with eco-friendly behavior with the surroundings. It is given the shape of an egg. This house is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and is built by Tomas Zacek and Sona Pohlova. It generates energy from the surroundings.

The Riverside

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This house is created in Nashville, Tennesse by New Frontier Tiny Homes. Though the house is spread into just 246 sq. ft its interior is very luxurious. It is made up of a metal roof with a small front porch.


The Tiny Fern Forest Tree House

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Forest trees are always fascinating and a calm place to live but this one is different. It is built up in just 100 sq. ft. area of Lincoln, Vermont. This is very pretty and charming. It can be rented too.


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