Turn Your Home Into a Restful Sanctuary

Your home should be a sacred space. It should be your little place in this world where you can rest and feel peace. But the problem with a lot of homes these days is that they are anything but restful. They are disorganized and overrun with clutter. This is why even if the house structure and design are actually lovely, homeowners cannot find great pleasure in them.

If you are dealing with clutter at home and you are in dire need of a place that you can soften and meld into, it’s time to restore the true value or essence of a home. Here’s how to do that.

1. Edit your possessions.

Set aside a weekend to go through all the items in your home and evaluate their value to the kind of home life you long to have. You will most likely find a lot of rubbish and items you have no idea why you’ve kept all this time.

There is only one logical thing to do about these items. Take them out of your home. Dispose of them by throwing them out or, even better still, giving or donating them to those who can still use them.

The general principle to uphold here is to get rid of everything that holds no real value in the life you want to create. You will only be left with those items that can actually contribute to the positive change you are making.

Remember what the Danes (aka, the happiest people on earth) like to say about “things” – “less things, more life.”


2. Put away seasonal items.

Christmas trees and decor, seasonal clothing, and special appliances and furniture that you take out during a specific season should be put away. If you have a garage for that – great. However, if you do not, consider turning to a storage facility in your area. You can put seasonal belongings there and other items that you simply have no use for at the moment or anytime soon.

If you cannot find a storage provider in your locality, try calling up moving companies. Most of the time, their moving services also include storage services. That’s not all, their storage service sometimes includes removalists coming over your place to pack your items for you and bringing your possessions to the facility themselves. It’s important to note, however, that only the best removalist companies offer such a convenient service.


3. Clean up.

After paring down your belongings and regaining useful space at home, tidy it up. There’s something incredibly satisfying about a home where you can run a finger on surfaces and not pick up dust. Plus, when your house is clean, you’ll sleep more soundly. No allergens in the air or pests hiding under the clutter.

For thorough cleaning of your home, invest in a deep cleaning service by professional home cleaners.


4. Bring a bit of nature in.

Buy a few houseplants to place in different parts of your home. Indoor plants can improve the quality of air at home aside from being quite lovely to look at. Get yourself some standing plants, hanging plants, window sill plants, and little pots of greens to place on tables.


Plants have a natural calming effect. Their beautiful color and fresh scent have been known to aid restlessness.


5. Incorporate small decor into your space.

Small potted plants and candles are refreshing to see in the home. Because of their size, they are not visually “assaulting” to have around. Plus, they provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to your home.


6. Use warm lighting.

Warm lights from candles and little fairy lights add a touch of whimsy and magic to your home, while also making your space cozy and warm. There’s nothing like the warm glow from such lighting to put you in a relaxed state.


Studies even reveal that warm lighting is truly the most relaxing type of illumination for people. As part of humans’ natural circadian rhythm, this type of lighting signals the body to wind down and get ready for rest. So, for a home wherein you can easily rest, you need these warm lights.


A home that is also a restful sanctuary can truly bring the heart great delight. So, turn yours into one now by following the tips imparted here. Take control of the chaos and create a place that automatically makes you feel at peace.



Craig Jones is the Managing Director at Aussiemove, Australia’s largest independent moving alliance. Craig is a respected member of the removalist network in Australia, having served in senior positions, including the President of the removal industries governing body, the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). With 23 years of experience at Aussiemove, he has the skills and the highly trained team to move families safely and reliably, in Adelaide, across Australia and around the world.

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How Small Businesses Can Expense Their Meals and Travel in Canada?

small business expenses edmonton

Small businesses usually don’t send their staff on business trips. Neither do they have a written business travel policy. Without the presence of such a policy can cause a wide range of problems even if they don’t incur high expenses and sour your relations with your staff. However, with some planning, you can create your own travel expense management policy for employees travelling in Canada. Here are some areas which you will need to focus on to minimize expenses on meals and travel during any business trip in Canada.

Create A Clear Travel Policy

Develop and execute a clear travel policy which offers particular details about per diem payments at different destinations, specific hotels in which you may get a discount rate, reimbursements for extra expenses and limits that need a manager’s signature in advance in case if expenses go beyond the limit.

Liaise With Hotel Chains

Negotiate with hotel chains in Canada which are located in those destinations where your employees are going to stay during the business trip. Track down hotels which offer facilities like afternoon snacks and appetizers, complimentary breakfast & coffee makers and refrigerators in rooms. Instruct your employees to use all such amenities in those hotels during their stay.

Look for Affordable Hotels

Opt for an affordable hotel while making reservations for your staff. Most employees would prefer staying in a plush hotel with ultramodern amenities when they are on a business trip. But keep one thing in mind. Don’t settle for a hotel which lacks cleanliness. Ask travelling employees from time to time to make sure that the hotels selected meet their accommodation needs perfectly or not.

affordable hotels canada

Opt for A Reliable Booking Service

Global Business Travel to keep a check on expenses. Such a company will help you to plan, adopt beneficial policies, cut down costs and limit spending by employees. Even if you opt for local travel services provider, you may gain good assistance. But the major plus point of opting for the services of a company like American Express is that they have a good reach both at national and international level and their services are available online.

Book Air Tickets with One Airline Only

Book travel tickets for your staff with one airline so that you can receive a corporate discount. Advise your employees to book the airline’s booking service. By booking air tickets in advance, you will be able to save a substantial sum of money.

Reduce Airline Ticket Costs

Reduce Travel Costs in Some Areas

You can bring down the expenses on travel in certain areas like meal and alcohol per diem and transportation. Per diems can vary on the basis of location. For instance, Vancouver is more expensive as compared to Montreal. Smaller, non-resort areas tend to be more affordable. Your travel policy should reflect costs your staff will incur as they travel to different parts of Canada.

Make Unreliable Employees Acquire An Authorization

Make it a point to ensure that employees who make travel decisions at the last minute acquire an authorization. There are instances when a plane ticket which when booked in advance would cost $350 costs over $1400 when an employee makes a reservation just a few days before the event. This should be done only in case of an emergency since most tickets are transferable though they are not refundable.

Emphasize On Using Affordable Means of Transport

Instruct your employees to use affordable public transportation services. Shuttle services are more affordable as compared to taxis and are therefore a viable option when travelling between airports and hotels. Look for details on the availability of free shuttle service between hotels and the conference center. Less taxi usage will ensure that your employees don’t end up spending heavily on transportation.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Opt For Virtual Meetings

Use online services such as Skype for Business to hold virtual meetings. Though your staff may at the initial stage feel uncomfortable, virtual meetings are an added skill which will prove to be beneficial in the long run. As time passes, they will become more comfortable in using this type of services. Webinars really work well for different types of training programs like seminars and can be attended by multiple employees.


Author Bio

Heena Khan writes on emerging trends in the tourism industry in UAE and other parts of the world. She also provides tax-related consultancy services like online VAT registration and VAT consultant services.

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How to Hire a Plumber in Edmonton

Hiring a professional plumber can be a daunting task. But, it does not need to be when you are completely aware of the process. Water leaking is a common issue in Edmonton. The leak from pipe fitting is a serious concern. And, solving the problem is necessary right after you notice leakage in the property. However, appointing the professional Plumbing Contractors in Edmonton for the repair and replacing process is crucial.


Hiring plumbing contractors is not an easy job. One needs to understand the factors related to the task before signing the contract. The water leakage that is about to cost you a few bucks can cost you to fortune. It happens by appointing the bad-trained plumbers for the job. Besides, not all plumbers are perfect for all types of plumbing works. There is a specific plumbing contractor for appropriate work. A number of plumbers in Edmonton handle basic plumbing jobs, while some have specialized replacing or remodeling projects.

plumbers edmonton

Numerous factors ask for consideration when looking for well-trained plumbers. You have to pay special attention to everything that falls in the process. Going for the renowned and licensed plumbing contractors in Edmonton would be highly appreciated. The same will help you avoid any dilemmas that may come your way.


Now, let us talk about the tips to hire a professional plumber. 


Experienced Plumbers

Water leakage can happen anytime. It can be an emergency situation, or you might need a basic repair for the leak pipes. But, calling an experienced and professional for the task is necessary. These things become crucial when the matter is related to your family and home. No matter it is a burst pipe or a leaking faucet, emergency or basic repair, hiring the renowned plumbing contractor in the area is necessary.


Experience is a big term in the plumbing industry. The more the experience, the higher will be the knowledge, and more will be the capability to handle finicky situations. Going for the plumbing contractors that have years of experience in the required field would be the ultimate choice. Look for the experts that have been in this business for years, and have a high-performance history. You can investigate the contractor’s past experience from their official website.


Public reviews on social websites say a lot about the company and their working culture. Browsing the same would help you make the right decision.

Estimated Pricing for Plumber in Edmonton

Paying an extra penny when you are already going through a problem will hurt more. So, it would be a wise decision to ask for the price of the entire project on the first meet. Besides, the overall cost depends on the damage, repairing, and replacement. But, a professional will give you a rough estimate for sure. You will get to know about the major damages in the property done by leakage. Some master plumbing contractors in Edmonton charge a little fee for a home visit as well. So, make sure to ask the pricing for the entire project before signing the deal.

Expected Length for Plumbing Repairs

Repairing and replacing the leaking pipes or faucet takes time. It might cost you a few days if there is a major problem. However, choosing the best and experienced plumbing contractors in Edmonton, Calgary, or other adjoining places would help you out of the troubles. The professionals follow a schedule and leave no stone unturned to finish the work within time. But, one should always confirm the estimated length for plumbing project before hiring.

plumbers in edmonton

It is most probably the essential question to ask a plumbing contractor. A professional with years of experience in the field will not take much time to finish the work when compared to amateurs.

Assurance for the Plumbing Work

Most plumbers offer a guarantee or warranty for their works. Some offer this service for one year or more as well. The guarantee covers their work and the parts used to repair the leaking pipes. It would be great to confirm the assurance for the work beforehand. Only the professional and renowned plumbing contractors offer this facility. If your contractor rejects warranty, then moving on to the next one would be great.     

Compare Everything

From price and experience, to guarantee and everything, compare all the factors that fall in between. Different plumbers will never have the same price for the same repairing project. By comparing things, you will get to know about prices and repairing techniques trending in the market. Go with the one that suits best to your requirements. Asking relevant questions from the chosen plumbing contractors in Edmonton would assist greatly. You can confirm the estimates, extra charges, and all the things related to plumbing.


A Take Home Message 

There you have it! These tips would help you come across the right Plumbing Contractors in Edmonton. Go for the one that genuinely understands the root of the leaking problem. Choose the licensed and experienced plumbers, and make sure it’s a good match.




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