Interview With InspectUs Edmonton

This week I met with Banti Shaw owner operator of InspecUs here in Edmonton. Below are my questions and his answers from the interview.
Interviewing Banti Shaw

Q: Why Should people always use a home inspector before making a purchase?

Buying a home without a Home inspection is like walking into a dark tunnel and saying to yourself that you are okay with unknown. This is a huge financial decision and responsibility for any family. When I bought my house, I had my Realtor, Inspector, lawyer, and friend by my side to make sure I have multiple sets of eyes on the home buying process and the different fields involved.
Q: How many years have you been doing home inspections for and what got you into the field?
It all started in 2015, when I completed my Home Inspector course and got my licence in 2016. I’ve been working since and I have more than 3 years of experience and over 500 inspections and counting.
In 2011 when I bought my house, I met my inspector and being a first time home buyer I felt there was something missing in his inspection process. There wasn’t enough insight or detailed analysis and this was when I decided to get started with the Home inspection business. InspecUs can help Home buyers to become informed homeowners.

Q: How does someone become a home inspector?

Certification, licensing and insurance are enough to call yourself an Inspector; however, to serve clients as an expert, one needs to continue education, training, and practice for life.

Q: Why should people choose to work with you?

InspecUs is born to serve Home-buyers to make informed decisions during the inspection. It’s more than just a home inspection at InspecUs.

Here are a few reasons why Home-buyers should work with InspecUs and choose Banti Shaw, CPI as their Expert Home Inspector:

  • Thorough Inspection – which includes all the areas of the dwelling which easily accessible
  • Thermal Scanning – To help discover moisture issues, missing insulation, cold spot, overheated electrical component.
  • Recall Checks – InspecUs checks your house’s equipment against recalls and informs you about any future recalls as well.
  • Walk-through – InspecUs’s Certified home inspector take pride to inform and educate Home buyers about the defects, consequences in the future, and maintenance issues which helps Home buyers make the right decisions.
  • Modern Digital Reports – Digital Report delivered at same-day.
  • Community Giveback – InspecUs is proud to donate 5% of it’s revenue to a local charity organization.
  • Home warranty & Insurance Liability – InspecUs’s Inspector Carries 3 million coverage as liability insurance. and to serve better, InspecUs also provide 90 days Home warranty like Mechanical & Structural Warranty, 5 Roof leak protection,  Moldsafe, and Sewer backup. Find more details about 90 days home warranty at
  • Certification and Licenses – InspecUs’s Inspector Banti Shaw is InterNACHI-certified and City of Edmonton-licensed Inspector.
  • Newsletters – Homeowner’s and Real estate agent’s  tips every month.
You can book an inspection with Banti Shaw at, or reach out with any questions at
We hope that you found this interview helpful and insightful. If you would like to be interviewed or know someone that you’d like us to interview please reach out to us at
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Top 7 Interior Decoration Ideas to Give Stunning Look to your Home

One in four of us lives with a significant mental health issue — often, stress, nervousness, and depression. And whether we like it or not, then we’re all emotionally affected by our physical environment. While decorating a house in a particular manner will never eliminate stress from our lives, it can make a positive difference.


Surround yourself with uplifting images

Surround yourself with all the graphics which make you happy, content and relaxed. For you, these pictures may be of family members or friends. There could be a specific landscape that you find calming or a holiday location that causes you to remember happy times in your life. As soon as it’s very good to have positive imagery throughout your house, pay more attention into the bedroom. If the very first things you see when you wake up in the morning make you feel relaxed and happy, there’s a good possibility your stress levels will stay in check for the rest of the day.


Introduce bright and vibrant colors

Most of us reside in decoratively neutral homes nowadays — dominated by shades of crimson, brown and white. While an excessive amount of shade may have the opposite effect, just a splash here and there can brighten your mood without you noticing it. Hang a vibrant picture onto a blank wall add a few colorful candles for your mantelpiece; add some bright cushions to your soft furnishings. Splashes of your favorite colors here and there can make your entire home more conducive to relaxation and rest.

Tap as much All-natural light as you can

Natural light aids our bodies to function properly. Not only can it be a rich source of Vitamin D, it’s also imperative to the body’s internal clock. There is also proof that confirms the link between natural light and our mental health. Exposing yourself to organic lighting is a good way of reducing stress levels, therefore set your home up in a way that harnesses it. By way of example, move furniture away from windows, pull on your curtains and drapes up and paint your walls to reflect the sunlight around the room. It’s possible to distribute more of the pure light by positioning a mirror right in front of a huge window into your primary living area. Additionally, it is important to keep your chimney clean constantly.

Deck Roof

Have no fear, however; the deck roof of today isn’t the drab mixture, so a lot people remember. As beautiful as they are practical, the contemporary deck roofs are an extension of, and not a hindrance from, the more luxury deck experience you have earned.

From pergola versions, that are great for those who want their sunlight using a side of this color, to canopies of materials and designs, as well as the more traditional wood and stucco coverings, there’s a deck roof for every single space and desirable result.

If you worried about roof structure or design, you can also contact your local roofing contractors for a brief idea about roof structure and design.

Stimulate your senses

While calming impacts are always welcome in a home, in addition, it is great to have something almost tactile in nature to excite your senses and connect one to your surroundings. 1 approach to accomplish this purpose is to choose decor and furnishings with various textures. As an example, exposed brick gives a welcome contrast to soft furnishings and carpet. Stone, steel, rocks, plants and stained wood deliver an invigorating contrast to fabrics.

Produce a masterpiece conducive to quality sleep

Should you suffer from anxiety, you will understand that sleep deprivation causes it a great deal worse. If you can sleep between seven and eight hours every night, your tension and stress levels ought to be simpler to manage. Begin with a terrific mattress. Test a few out at stores before you decide on one that is appropriate for you.

Choose restful color schemes also – natural colors (brown, green, yellow) are usually conducive to decent rest. At length, hang some blackout curtains to keep sun out of your bedroom throughout the light mornings of the summer.

Bring Mother Nature indoors

Plants and plants frequently have a positive effect on our moods. Not just that, they’re a source of oxygen. Having plants inside your home generates a healthier, more favorable environment — which has a calming effect on individuals with mental health difficulties. Place a few potted plants in rooms you use for relaxation.

Brighten up rooms with flowers and suspend plant baskets from the ceiling where suitable. But in case you’re able to create your house for you, alleviating stress and the associated symptoms could just grow to be that little bit easier.


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