6 Home Security Gadgets to Protect You and Your Property

What does it take to safeguard your home nowadays? A guard dog? Maybe! A strong fence? It’s worth a shot! An alarm system? Definitely! These and more are all good features to have in and around your home so that it’ll be safe from intruders. But you have to understand that some criminals have become smarter over the years. No one is simply going to break in your house anymore hoping to not get caught. Even the simplest of intruders expect houses to have state-of-the-art home security systems in place. And you should. But which ones are the best to go for?


To beat intruders at their own game, you have to be one step ahead of them. These 6 home security gadgets can ensure that whatever happens to your home, you, your family, and your property will remain protected and safe. Criminals will have nearly an impossible time attempting to stay undetected when you have these set up in your home.


August Smart Home Access System


Protecting your home and property is primarily about who you give access. If people are suddenly on your front door and you don’t know who they are and why they’re there, that’s more or less a sign of danger. Fortunately, the August Smart Home Access System gives you ample opportunity to limit people’s access to your home when you’re not there. This highly advanced home-locking system, complete with security cameras and passcodes, is an interactive gadget that lets you specify the people allowed to go into your home. You can even give specific friends and family their own passcodes, ensuring that only they can go inside your home when you’re not there.


Skybell HD WiFi Video Doorbell


An intruder isn’t always a stranger to you. Thieves, robbers, and other sorts of criminals looking to invade your privacy cause havoc into your own home might be those you know and you’re just unsuspecting of their true motive. But once you get a hunch that someone in your circle shouldn’t be invited to your home, you can easily block them off with the help of Skybell’s HD WiFi Video Doorbell. Wherever you may be, once a person rings your doorbell, this nifty home security gadget will immediately analyze him/her, video record their presence near your home, and you get the power whether to let him/her in or not.




The Canary Home Security System makes use of all the senses—sight, sound, and temperature. Oftentimes, it’s not enough that you see or hear something strange happening in your home. A truly masterminded intruder is probably expert enough in the craft that he/she can hide, stay silent, and remain undetected as he/she invades your privacy. This particular gadget, however, can sense a person’s presence with the temperature. Since most people have their own body heat, it can detect an unseen and unheard presence in the room, possibly one that shouldn’t be there when you’re not home. Additionally, it also has your standard camera and audio-recording features that you can look and hear into wherever you may be.


Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide detector


Sometimes, the danger isn’t from an outside force, but rather from the inside. Possibly an incident of your own doing. This particularly relates to house fires, which can be incredibly dangerous but are also avoidable. Nest’s Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide detector are some of many home security gadgets out there that can help you do that. One of the best parts about this detector is that you can connect it to your phone through an app. One whiff of smoke and you’ll be instantly notified of something wrong. And wherever you may be at the time, you’ll have more time to signal your neighbors and the right authorities to take out the fire.


Kuna Light Fixture


It can’t be stressed enough that criminals nowadays have gotten a lot smarter. And if you want to protect your home, you have to be smarter than them. A good way to do this is to go for home security gadgets that don’t look like what they are. When your system is camouflaged and doesn’t look like your ordinary security camera, alarm, and so on, it’ll be more difficult for intruders to try to avoid them. One such gadget is the Kuna Light Fixture. What might look like your ordinary porch light is actually a hidden security camera, audio recorder, and even a speaker system that lets you communicate with the person outside.


LG Smart Security Solution


The LG Smart Security Solution is an all-in-one of sorts. Most, if not all of the safeguarding features that some of the other gadgets contain are also in this sleek and compact security system. It has an HD-security camera that you can easily hide and camouflage, a motion-tracker to detect any presence not caught on camera, an audio recorder to let you listen in on what’s happening in your house when you’re not there, and many more. It’s easy to set up and you can connect it to your phone, allowing you to look over your property and family even when you’re not there to keep them safe yourself.


Sometimes, all it takes is a little modern technology to ensure that you, your family and your property are very much secure in your own home. These technologically advanced gadgets are the ones that you should go for the next time you need to upgrade your home security system to something a little more sophisticated.


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